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Our Story

blomma beauty founder karen macdonald


How Blomma Beauty Started?

I started Blomma Beauty because I found switching to an all natural and organic beauty regime really tough. Struggling to find a choice of products in conventional beauty stores, the shopping experience was totally uninspiring with a distinct lack of education on ingredients and marketing claims. Shopping online was a case of trial and error with plenty of wasted product. Health food shop purchases were blind because the lovely person weighing out my veggies didn't have a clue about which products would be right for my skin type or my lifestyle.

On the conscious beauty journey, you go down the inevitable ingredient rabbit hole, spending hours researching what's really green versus greenwashed and it kind of takes away that beautiful discovery experience that buying beauty products should be. I personally wanted shopping for organic beauty to have the same experiential quality as a conventional beauty hall, to feel inspired, be spoiled for choice and get lost in discovery. Most importantly, feeling there was a place I could go to that would give me honest advice in relation to my personal beauty ethos so I could make conscious choices for myself. 

Starting an Organic Beauty Products Online Store

So, using my nearly decade long experience in the buying industry, I started a curated collection of effective and ethical natural and organic skincare, cosmetic and personal care products that I, or my friends would use. Choosing independent brands and products based on their ingredients, efficacy and environmental impact to build my organic beauty products online store. I still check every single ingredient in the products we stock to help others avoid this laborious task. Adding constantly to our ingredient blog as I research and discover new information about ingredients in the hope that it will help our customers. It's a never ending journey so if there's something you'd like us to get to quicker, please contact us.  

For me, it was so important to test products but it was such an investment, and often wasteful. So, in addition to our vegan beauty online store and our try before you buy service, we host different events so you can access information, advice and discover new brands and products before committing to a purchase. From workshops, to evening talks and pop ups you can meet the faces behind the brands we partner with, enjoy a pampering organic beauty treatment and discover your own natural and organic beauty ethos. How beauty should be, right!?

Whether you pop down to an event, order some organic beauty samples, shop at our organic beauty products online store, or sign up to our mailing list you're helping our concept grow, so thank you. And, if you have any questions on the products or brands or need some advice, you can book a free 20 minute consultation with yours truly.

Love Karen, Founder of Blomma Beauty x

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