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All about...the INCI list

Whether you’re a seasoned and fully informed conscious beauty enthusiast or just beginning to dabble into the world of conscious, natural and ethical beauty, chances are you’ve come across the INCI list on the back of our organic beauty products. 

The beauty of the INCI list is that not only do you have a full list of ingredients in a natural, organic or vegan product but you can also roughly gauge the percentage of each ingredient in the entire formulations – ingredients are listed from highest to lowest percentage and this is quite key in understanding INCI lists or ingredient lists as it arms you with basic knowledge, helps you to catch out greenwashing and misleading claims. 

The conscious beauty movement is huge and consumers are demanding purer, ethical, more concentrated products from natural skincare brands here in the UK – and being able to read and decipher an INCI list will ultimately help you to identify the truly authentic brands from those who are just brainwashing.

So we recorded a podcast in collaboration with soapNskin to help you understand the INCI list, why it's important and how it can help you separate high quality organic beauty products with brands that are out to greenwash you. 


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