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Shop the Palm of Feronia range of organic, crystal infused skincare inspired by the principles of aromatherapy. 

Discover Natural Self Care Products

Palm of Feronia organic skincare is a range of natural self care products that are made in small batches, using organic ingredients and based on the ancient principles of aromatherapy and crystal healing to give you holistic benefits to your skin and emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The entire range is vegan and cruelty free and features natural self care products and organic skincare including: 

  • Organic moisturisers
  • Organic mists and toners
  • Natural face masks
  • Sleep sprays
  • Organic bath products

About Palm of Feronia Organic Skincare

Founder Sophia, chooses the organic ingredients and natural crystals carefully and based on their efficacy and sustainability. She makes the products in small batches in her London studio to ensure high standards are maintained. For every order placed, a tree is planted and the carbon footprint of each product and the company as a whole is offset each year to minimise the impact on nature where the skincare ingredients are sourced from.

Feronia is the ancient roman goddess of wildlife, fertility, health, healing and abundance. Palm of Feronia's motto is 'Natural Skincare for the Soul'.