Essjay | Bomonde Mineral Make Up

Essjay | Bomonde Mineral Make Up

Get to know Essjay, founder of Bomonde Mineral Make Up. Not only is she the face of the brand but she does everything from product creation, design, marketing and fulfilment to working with suppliers to ensure only the finest mineral pigments make their way onto your skin.

What did you do before you started Bomonde make up?

I have always been in the beauty industry, since I was 17, but in later years I was focused more on skin aesthetics and permanent makeup. I still do some clients now and help beauty entrepreneurs run and scale their business.

What was the inspiration for Bomonde?

I am very passionate about what goes on our skin, and seeing the effects of really poor quality skin and makeup I decided I wanted to create my own. My inspiration for the refillable aspect of Bomonde was my daughter who was 7 at the time. She was becoming so aware about the planet and was in awe of David Attenbourgh, that she suggested not using plastic and seeing if I can create something refillable.

The word bomonde comes from the French words “beau’ and ‘Monde’ these translate to ‘love’ and ‘world/earth’ so it means love for the earth.

What is your brand’s mission?

My mission is to educate everyone that makeup can be good for you skin and you can embrace and look your best without sacrificing your skins health. We all should do what we can for a more sustainable way of living.

What is your most popular product and why?

This is tough but I would have to say the large kabuki brush because it looks so stunning and the bristles feel so soft, people can’t believe it is synthetic. Also, you can’t use a mineral foundation without one of these. Then another best seller I have to add is the mascara, this is purely because I have sourced one that is suitable for the most sedative of eyes.

What’s the best product for dry skin?

The whole foundation range is suitable for dry skin as it contains silica however, for people that need that little but more sheen and hydration I recommend the light silk finishing powder applied before and after your foundation.

What’s the best product for oily skin?

If oily skin is a problem for you then the finishing medium matte powder is a must it will securely keep your foundation in place all day and reduce that shine that comes through

What are the essential make up products to go for when starting to use mineral make up?

The main staple products in the range are your foundation, a finishing powder, either matte or silk and your giant kabuki brush.

What hints do you have for using your mineral make up?

Don’t over think it, mineral makeup is the the easiest makeup to use. There are also no rules, if you like a bronzer colour for an eyeshadow or lip colour go for it. Bomonde mineral make up is so versatile.

How are your products made?

I work closely with a wholesale mineral makeup manufacturer in Glastonbury, the Bomonde bamboo pots are from china, we can’t produce bamboo here so that’s the only way as the bamboos takes very minimum resources to grow compared to plastic containers. The ingredients are made at a mineral wholesale company in Glastonbury, the pots are shipped to the company to fill. I then check and box them up in my converted garage at my little house in Doncaster.

Do you have any certifications or awards that our customers should be aware of?

The mineral foundation was the winner of the vegan awards for best foundation in 2022, the mascara was also a finalist for the veggie awards in 2022, and we are certified vegan by The Vegan Society. 

What’s next for Bomonde Make Up?

Wow, so much I want from Bomonde! First thing is to extend the colour range for the foundations as well as customised eyeshadow palette’s then I will be aiming for the full range to be refillable. I think most mineral makeup brands don’t show the true earthy mineral vibe and I believe Bomonde represents this so well, there is also very little makeup companies that not only use bamboo containers but are refillable. This is what makes Bomonde stand out.  

What’s the best thing about having your own brand?

Where do I start, it’s the feeling of being completely and utterly proud that I have created something, yes I have all the experience in the beauty sector but producing, branding and create a range of cosmetics could not be further from my comfort zone. I've learnt so much; patience, patience, patience and to enjoy the process. The process and the journey is part of the dream.

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