Grace | Omnis Beauty

Grace | Omnis Beauty

Grace Shaw is the founder of Omnis Beauty which she started in 2021 after a career in politics and luxury services. Inspired by her own skin journey, Grace tells us how Omnis, meaning 'all', came to be...

What inspired you to start Omnis Beauty?

Omnis Beauty was born from necessity. At the age of 20 I began to suffer with hormonal acne and due to my mixed ethnic background, my skin tone is prone to hyperpigmentation. 

Now in my late twenties, I have spent many years trying to manage my acne and scarring so I could feel more comfortable and confident in my skin. My goal was to get healthier skin and be able to wear less makeup. Having used a variety of skincare products whether it be medical or not, inexpensive or top of the line, I’ve tried it all and I’ve learned what works. 

Having been through my own skincare struggles, I know how much your skin can affect how you feel, your mood, and your self-confidence. When I decided to share my products beyond just my friends and family, it was imperative that I created something that would aid everyone in not only achieving great skin but to also feel genuinely good in themselves. 

My goal is to reinforce that everyone is individually beautiful and the skincare that you use should amplify your natural beauty whilst being kind on the environment. 

What is the story behind your brand name?

I am proud of my mixed heritage background (I’m half Italian and half Jamaican) and I’m lucky to call London home. Being born and raised in a multi-cultural environment I have profound respect for all people. The name Omnis which in Latin means ‘all’ reflects the inclusivity of our products. All of the formulas are gender neutral and made for all skin types.

Our brand mission is to promote natural beauty and self-empowerment. Omnis Beauty is on a mission to redefine skincare. Our brand philosophy revolves around inclusivity, authenticity, and the celebration of individuality. We believe that everyone deserves skincare products that cater to their unique needs, regardless of gender or background. We want to help all people feel and look their best and be confident in their skin.

What is your most popular product and why?

Our best selling product is our Nourishing Defence Serum which is a lightweight sea water based serum. People love this product because it is deeply hydrating and nourishing, it has anti-aging properties that help relax the appearance of fine lines and also contains honeysuckle which is a natural ingredient that helps skin look more dewy and glowing. The gorgeous blend of natural aromatherapy ingredients in this product gives a wonderfully soothing and calming scent that instantly helps you relax and feel pampered.

What’s the best product for dry skin? 

I highly recommend the Nourishing Defence Serum as it deeply nourishes and revitalises your skin to support your skins natural barrier. On top of that you can layer our Repair and Protect SPF30 which contains hyaluronic acid to give an extra boost of hydration and protect against UVA and UVB damage.

What’s the best product for oily skin? 

Our Pearl exfoliator is great for oily skin, combination skin and skin prone to clogged pores. This 2 in 1 exfoliator and mask contains lots of citrus based fruits such as grapefruit and orange which are potent natural ingredients to help cleanse your skin and remove excess oils while helping to control sebum production which is what makes skin oily. Oily or combination skin types sometimes may find they get pimples or spots more easily. Our exfoliator contains spirulina and chlorophyll which helps fight bacteria and prevents oil build up that lead to acne or outbreaks. 

What’s the best product for sensitive skin? 

All our products can be utilised if you have sensitive skin but a product I would highly recommend is our Repair and Protect SPF30. Anyone with sensitive skin knows that SPF is must in their routine and our natural SPF30 is a gentle water based formula that is hydrating and protecting whilst leaving no white cast.

How do you build a natural skincare routine with your products?

Use our Pearl Exfoliator before applying anything else. You can use this product directly on damp skin and add more water if you require a lighter exfoliation. You can also apply on dry skin and leave it for 10 mins as a mask and then dampen and exfoliate. This is a great product to deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells and get the circulation flowing to the face.

I would then recommend after an exfoliator or cleanse to apply our serum as this is a great base for any skincare routine and gives your skin an instant hydration boost.

Finally, I would recommend applying our SPF30, as this product leaves no white cast it’s great for applying under make up or just going straight out whilst protecting the skin from UVA and UVB damage.

Being half Italian I have always been inspired and fascinated by Mediterranean vegetation and the natural benefits of marine flora. When making my own formulas on my kitchen table I researched and utilised the best organic natural ingredients sourced directly from Italy and France. This resulted in products that were gentle yet effective and helped me in my journey to achieving and maintaining a healthy skin complexion that is truly radiant. 

How do you make your products?

We work with a wonderful manufacturer based a few hours away from London and all our products are proudly made here in the UK and are certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

Being Vegan certified, using organic or naturally derived ingredients and being cruelty free we try to minimise the impact we have on flora and fauna whilst making our products. Our packaging is all recyclable and we are constantly trying to find the most eco-friendly ways to run our business and deliver our products.

What’s next for Omnis Beauty?

We have some great other products that we want to bring to market to expand our range as we reach a wider audience in stores and spa’s/clinics.

Our gender-neutral approach to skincare reflects our commitment to breaking away from traditional norms and embracing progressive thinking.

We are at the forefront of skincare innovation, constantly trying to develop products that harness the power of nature and can be luxurious yet sustainable.

What’s the best thing about having your own brand?

I believe beauty is not something we should strive to attain because it is something that we all already possess and our power is in acknowledging that and using products that lovingly respect our skin.

Having the ability to play a small role in making everyone feel seen and catered for in the beauty industry was my motivation when founding Omnis and seeing people using my products and giving kind feedback is immensely rewarding.

I don’t come from a beauty industry background so this whole process from start to finish as been a learning journey and a process of trial and error but I will say that the thing I have learnt is that having faith in your passion and vision is key. Making mistakes and failing is ok and you have to embrace the process as a whole, the good and the bad and try to always focus on why you started and what you ultimately wish to achieve.

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