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What's the best organic moisturiser for my skin?

Finding the perfect moisturiser is no mean feat.  Often our customers will ask us 'what is the best organic face moisturiser?' which can be a tricky question to answer because it really depends on your skin type. 

Here we share our edit of natural, organic moisturisers available in our range. We source only the best natural beauty products from the UK for our organic beauty store, testing every product before it's approved by us, checking ingredients lists and searching high and low for the brands with organic, vegan and cruelty free certifications and credentials.

So, whether you're looking for the best organic anti-ageing moisturiser, the ultimate day cream made with natural ingredients in eco-friendly packaging, or a balancing vegan face cream that's the perfect partner for oily or combination skin types, we've got you covered. 

organic, vegan moisturisers

Best organic moisturiser for all skin types

A firm favourite with our customers, Terre Verdi's NeroliPom moisturiser is suitable for all skin types including neutral, dry and mature skin. It's packed full of anti oxidants to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and bright, fending off free radical damage and oxidative stress too. The main ingredient in this light but nourishing moisturiser is camellia oil, one of nature's most gentle oils, and when paired with vitamin E leaves your skin soft and supple. 

Best organic moisturiser for dry skin types

If dry or dehydrated skin needs a moisture boost, Odylique's Avocado Cream is our go to moisturiser. With luxuriously nourishing avocado oil, collagen boosting sea buckthorn and hydrating and protecting shea butter, this rich yet easily absorbed moisturiser can be used day or night to give your complexion the dewy glow it deserves. 

Best vegan moisturiser for oily and combination skin types

Made with natural and organic ingredients and certified vegan by The Vegan Society, Silvan Skincare's range of 5 moisturisers are formulated for specific skin types in mind. Including their Balance Face Cream which is blended with safflower and ylang ylang which help to balance sebum production and minimise pores as well as plenty of smoothing and softening natural botanical ingredients to keep oily combination skin balanced and hydrated without clogging pores. 

If you're looking for a certified organic moisturiser for combination skin, we'd recommend Terre Verdi's Nerolipom Moisturiser (the first in the UK to be approved to COSMOS standards) or longstanding certified organic skincare brand Odylique's Timeless Rose Cream

Best natural anti-ageing moisturiser 

If you're looking for a day cream that's going to help experienced skin feel healthy and looking its best, Palm of Feronia's Helichrysum and Oat cream is a great choice. It's a rich vegan moisturiser formulated with potent plant extracts which include what some call 'nature's retinol', bakuchiol to even lines and plant derived squalene to plumpen the skin. Made in small batches in London, Palm of Feronia ensure their high quality natural and organic ingredients are as fresh and nutrient rich as possible for you to see the results in your complexion. 

Best organic moisturiser for rosacea

While Odylique's Rose Moisturiser is great for all skin types as it keeps your skin even and silky soft throughout the day, it's particularly popular with our customers who experience rosacea. Made with organic rose flower water and rose essential oil which both calm the upper layers of the skin, even out skin tone and helps skin restoration it can keep the signs of rosacea at bay. 

Best organic moisturiser for travel

Codex Beauty's Skin Superfood is the ultimate travel companion. It's a really luxurious organic face moisturiser but it can also be used over the entire body. What's more, with its blend of organic sweet almond, marigold and helichrysum oils, dry, chapped or irritated skin is left silky smooth so whether you're bracing the cold on a ski holiday or winter city break or need a soothing post-sunshine moisturiser the Bia Skin Superfood covers all bases. 

Best natural night cream

Let Bumi Naturals' Night Repair do the hard work for your skin while you sleep. Transforming from a sumptuous night cream to an intensely moisturising oil, a little goes a long way with this hand made moisturiser. Either apply a small amount to use as a night cream or slather on a thicker layer for a deeply nourishing overnight mask and let Bumi's unrefined plant oils including hemp and broccoli seed oil soften and plump so you'll wake up with softer, smoother and more supple skin come morning. 

Best vegan face cream for sensitive skin

Opting for a natural moisturiser that's free of essential oils can be a good solution for super sensitive skin and Silvan Skincare's Pure Face Cream is not only free from essential oils but is full of plant based ingredients that suit sensitive skin types including gently penetrating apricot oil and soothing and healing calendula oil to help take care of hyper sensitive skin.

And that completes our round up of the organic, natural and vegan moisturisers we stock and which skin types and concerns they're best suited to. If you need further advice why not book a virtual beauty consultation or try a selection of moisturisers before deciding on the one that's right for you with a bespoke sample pack

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