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beauty samples
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organic beauty samples
organic beauty samples
organic beauty samples
organic beauty samples

Organic Beauty Sample Pack

Blomma Beauty
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Our Sample Service helps you try natural and organic beauty products before you buy so you'll know they're right for your skin type, your lifestyle and your ethics.

Choose from one of our pre-selected skin type sample packs for dry, neutral, oily/combination or sensitive skin, or, if you'd like to receive our skin questionnaire and tailor the samples to your specific skincare needs or particular products you're looking for, choose the bespoke option. We even have a parent and baby skincare sample pack. 

We'd recommend choosing the bespoke skincare sample pack if you have particular ingredient allergies, skincare needs or dietary requirements e.g. vegan so we can tailor the products to you specifically. 

The samples we offer change regularly so you can come back and order another sample pack at a later date and receive different beauty samples each time! 

Organic Beauty Samples

What you'll get:

  • 3 organic beauty samples, hand picked for your skin type
  • Personalised note with instructions on how to use and why we think you'll love the products
  • A a personalised discount to spend on full size product*

How does it work? 

For our standard sample packs

  • Place your order according to your skin type
  • We'll dispatch your sample pack
  • A few days letter you'll receive your voucher code by email

For our bespoke sample packs

  1. Place your order for a bespoke pack
  2. We'll send you a questionnaire via email for you to complete
  3. We'll use the questionnaire to choose and post some organic beauty products to you to try
  4. You'll then get emailed your unique discount voucher off our range of natural skincare brands UK a few days later
  5. We'll also follow up with you to see how you're getting on with the products, or if you need further advice or recommendations 

Beauty Samples Tailored To Your Skin Type

Parent and Baby Sample Pack

We've created an edit of our parent and baby skincare products from brands like Mini Bloom and Silvan Skincare so you can try a small amount of product before deciding which skincare is right for you and your baby. This sample pack includes more samples than our regular pack. 

Neutral Skin Sample Pack

A selection of organic beauty products suited to all skin types and our customers with a normal/neutral skin type. Choose this option if you're looking for skincare and bodycare products that will keep your skin hydrated and balanced.

Dry Skin Sample Pack

Our edit of skincare products that are formulated by our independent beauty brands specifically for dry skin types as well as dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin concerns. 

Combination Skin Sample Pack

Our most popular sample set is for those with oily or combination skin types and is full of natural skincare products that will help to balance sebum as well as keep the skin even, toned and moisturised.

Sensitive Skin Sample Pack

A selection of products that are suitable for sensitive skin types, including some products that are free of essential oils. All made with gentle and effective natural ingredients. 

Contact us for any questions or enquiries.

Our beauty samples are free to the UK, we just ask for a small fee to cover postage and packing costs. 

 *voucher valid for 1 month from order date. Full price product only. Shredded kraft paper not included

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