Blomma Beauty's very first podcast!

Blomma Beauty's very first podcast!

Earlier this year our Founder Karen was a guest on our very first podcast recording, here she gives you the lowdown on the experience and fellow beauty entrepreneur and podcast host, Samantha Hale

It might sound strange, but as a business owner I'm not that good at shouting about my company. I find it really hard to self promote but it was something I was determined to overcome to try and share the story of Blomma Beauty and how we came to have our organic skincare online store. So, I started researching different ways to do this and, as an avid listener of podcasts I thought this could be a good angle because once I start talking about natural and organic beauty you can't shut me up. 

One of the most important criteria for me in finding a podcast was that the person I was chatting to would have a conversational style of presenting, rather than me feeling like I was getting a grilling. I'd already been a listener of the SPATalks podcast and really liked Sam's style. It seemed more like a chat than a formal Q&A. So I reached out and after an 'initial chat' which turned into a 2 hour phone call where we chatted about absolutely everything, Sam and I left feeling very much like old friends, ready to just record one of our regular chats the next time we spoke. 

And so I'm absolutely thrilled that it's now time to unleash our chat to the wider world. In it you'll hear all about the Blomma Beauty story, how it all started and our vision for the future. But not only that, we touch upon our opinions on general perceptions of the natural and organic beauty industry and some useful hints and tips for fellow beauty entrepreneurs. 

Before you delve into the episode, you might want to know more about Sam and why she started the SPATalks podcast so I asked her a few questions of my own. Read on to find out more...

Image of Samantha Hale, spatalks podcaster

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

I got my very first job at the age of 13 in a clinic for alternative therapy, which offered aromatherapy, physiotherapy and remedial massage for adults with severe life-long learning difficulties. I worked there for two years and fell in love with the industry.

After gaining my NVQ qualification, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a very diverse career, from working in spa’s both in the UK and abroad, teaching Beauty Therapy to HND, BTEC and NVQ learners, working with some of the UK’s leading skincare and nailcare brands. I even wrote the first City & Guild NVQ L2 text book 10 years ago. 

Why did you start the SPATalks podcast?

It all began shortly after I started working for Sweet Squared (the UK distributor for CNDShellac) and I noticed that employers began asking me if I knew of any therapists who were looking for work. This was around 7 years ago and it’s become more and more prominent.

On the flip side I also began to notice that the attitude of some business owners was that “therapists aren’t what they used to be”. This was something I had heard when I had qualified so to hear it again ten years later was really disheartening. Couple this with the fact that a lot of therapists are refusing to work long hours of massage for minimum wage when they are skilled workers, means that we do indeed have a problem within our industry and recruitment is a symptom of that problem, not the root cause.

And so, I wanted to shine a light on how amazing, diverse and lucrative a career in the beauty or wellness industry could be. I also want to educate parents and careers advisors so that they can confidently support the young people in their care who wish to pursue such a career.

What's the story behind the name, SPATalks?

It’s really quite simple; I decided to call the podcast SPATalks as I’m talking to professionals within the Spa and wellness industry which in mind encompasses beauty, fitness and hair as well.

What is your podcast's mission/ethos?

To upgrade perceptions of the Beauty and Wellness industry.

Describe your podcast in 3 words.

Informative, inspiring, not too serious.

How are you standing out from the crowd?

By doing what others aren’t willing to do by putting fresh content out 3 times a week via the podcast and going live on Instagram offering support for those who feel they’re struggling during our current situation.

What does your own beauty routine look like?

I’m normally all about layering but from April I’m going to strip everything back and keep my routine simple with a balm cleanser to remove make up, toning (the most important step), serum, eye product and moisturiser. I always use SPF30 in the day.

What's next for your podcast?

I’m looking at offering more regular mini episodes between the interview seasons where business information is given over 5-10 minute podcast episodes. I’ve also recently rebranded and am in the process of creating a free e-book focusing on the customer journey. Beyond that I hope to create an online membership where I can mentor start up businesses who want to secure success when it comes to driving retail sales. 

You can find the SPATalks podcast here

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