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Make Your Own Bath Salts Kit

Make Your Own Bath Salts Kit

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Create sumptuous bath salts at home to help you relax and unwind with this DIY Bath Salts Kit. It’s got everything you need for mixing and matching your favourite bath salt scents. With replenishing Epsom salts, calming lavender essential oil and a selection of lavender, chamomile and calendula dried flowers. 

We love that this kit is just the beginning of your DIY bath salts journey. Once you’ve nailed the recipe there are limitless possibilities for different signature scents with essential oils.

What’s in the kit?

  • 250g epsom salts in a glass jar
  • 10g dried lavender flowers
  • 10g chamomile flowers
  • 10g dried calendula flowers
  • 10ml lavender essential oil in glass bottle with pipette.
  • 1 muslin cotton bag to pop your flowers in whilst bathing

  • Each kit makes approximately 5 baths worth of salts.

    Skin Type & Allergens

    Made with love by

    Acala was founded in 2018 by Hanna, a passionate environmentalist who couldn’t bear to see even one more disposable cup drop in the office bin at her marketing job so she created a range of zero waste self-care products and DIY skincare kits. Today Acala is part of the Essential Care family who also make Odylique and It's Pure organic products. Acala means 'immovable one' in Sanskrit and the two triangles of the Acala logo symbolise balance and equilibrium, chosen because Acala is passionate about promoting the balance between people and planet.


    Conscious Credentials

    All natural ingredients
    Vegan friendly

    How to use

    Step by step instructions are included in the kit


    Everything in the kit can be reused or recycled

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