Are Organic Beauty Products Better For Your Skin?

Are Organic Beauty Products Better For Your Skin?

The Benefits of Organic Beauty Products For Your Skin

There are plenty of environmental and ethical benefits to using beauty products that are made with natural and organic ingredients (see our blog 7 Reasons To Switch To Organic Beauty Products) but lots of our customers often ask whether organic beauty products are just as, if not more effective at targeting specific skincare concerns than their synthetic counterparts. 

It's a complicated question, synthetic products certainly come with bold claims and visible immediately gratifying results because they're developed in laboratories with the goal of having some kind of effect on the skin, whereas natural ingredients are used because of already known skincare benefits learned over of years of use in natural remedies. In both the synthetic and natural beauty industries there are false claims, misleading definitions and irritation-causing ingredients so whichever products you're choosing, being an informed consumer and knowing what is right for you personally is really important. 

Choosing certified organic beauty products ensures you avoid questionable ingredients

Have you ever looked at the INCI list of a moisturiser or lipstick and not had a clue what any of the long list of names means? Often lurking in the list will be some rather nasty ingredients that can have longer term health implications from extended use. By choosing organic beauty products, that are certified by The Soil Association you're also reassured that you won't be exposed to the following list of potentially harmful ingredients: 

- NO Genetically modified (GM) ingredients

- NO controversial chemicals

- NO parabens and phthalates

- NO synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

- NO nano particles

- NO chemical herbicide and pesticide residue

Because of this, organic beauty products may alleviate sensitive skin

By cutting out some of these questionable ingredients you may well find that some skin concerns you've been having like irritation, redness, dry skin conditions and breakouts disappears so you can instead look for products that enhance your natural skin condition rather than try to treat specific issues you're having. 

Switching to organic ingredients with easily identifiable, often flower, fruit or herb based names can help you to not only soothe your skin but easily figure out what may be causing any sensitivity. 

Remember though that even ingredients in nature can cause sensitivity, like nut extracts, essential oils or clays. The most important thing to do is to test products before you buy them to know they're suited to your skin. 

There can be fewer preservatives in some organic beauty products

Often conventional beauty products contain lots of filler ingredients like water, drying non fatty alcohols, synthetic preservatives and carrier ingredients for artificial vitamins and minerals. Some of the purest organic skincare products are balm or oil based products that are naturally full of potent skin-loving ingredients anyway so you're potentially getting more bang for your buck with organic beauty products because they contain fewer bulking ingredients for the sake of creating a cheap formulation.

But don't be fooled that you don't need preservatives in organic beauty products. If you've got a water based product, make sure there is a naturally derived preservative in there because you may find the hygiene of your products are compromised if not and this will make them ineffective for your skin. It's about balancing the need for synthetic or naturally derived preservative intervention with the safety of the product. 

But it's not just about what's not in your organic skincare products but what is. 

Combat ageing with organic skincare

Research has shown that organic ingredients contain 60% more anti oxidants than non organic crops. As anti oxidants are one of the most effective ways to tackle ageing skin conditions such as pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness, organic beauty products are a great way to make sure you're getting the most anti oxidant rich ingredients on your skin. 

And lower your toxic load too

We're not here to scaremonger anyone with claims that your skin absorbs the majority of what you put on it and therefore using synthetic ingredients are bad. It's difficult to get concrete data on this topic and often these stats are from secondary sources designed to scare people into thinking one way or another. 

What we have learnt from Ilona Madden, a certified nutritionist is that whatever toxins that enter your body either ingested or through your skin's barrier are processed by your liver. To help minimise the chances of your liver being overloaded with toxins, you may want to consider using both organic food and beauty products on this basis.

Here at Blomma Beauty we believe that organic, plant based ingredients have just as many skincare benefits as synthetic ones that will help to keep your skin in optimum condition for the long term. So you can grow old gracefully with beautiful looking skin. The whole reason Blomma Beauty started was because of the positive effect to our Founder Karen's skin that she wanted to share the products she found from independent organic skincare brands with as many people as possible through our organic beauty store but it's important that you find beauty products that are right for you and your skin whether they are organic or not.  

If you'd like to get some guidance from our resident skincare experts on your organic beauty regime, why not book a free, no obligation consultation today


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