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The best natural skincare for sensitive skin

At some time in our lives, we can all experience skin sensitivity. Here we help you to understand the complexities of sensitive skin types, how to determine what causes your skin sensitivity and what are the best natural facial products for sensitive skin. 

What is sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivity can occur whatever your skin type and could be down to lots of different factors. Sometimes it's due to skin conditions like acne, rosacea or pigmentation, you might have always had a sensitive skin type or irritation can happen in reaction to particular ingredients, product types and changes in diet and lifestyle. 

How irritation shows up on your skin can depend on what's causing it, your ethnicity and how recently the product or allergen has been ingested or applied to your skin. You may see a reddening or lightening of the skin, small bumpy breakouts, burning, stinging or itchy skin, contact dermatitis and even pigmentation. 

How to discover the root cause of your sensitive skin?

Trying to narrow down the cause of your sensitivity can be just as important as finding products that help calm the irritation so we'd recommend the following steps when trying to find out what is causing reactions and sensitivity:

  • Always patch test products before applying fully to your skin
  • Consult with your doctor or a dermatologist 
  • Keep a diary of the foods you're eating, potential toxins you're exposed to (for example in your cleaning products) and your skincare to try and narrow down what is causing the reaction

Sometimes irritation can be cumulative so you may not see a reaction for a few days. 

How to treat sensitive skin?

If you're in the process of determining what's causing your sensitivity or you're looking for natural skincare products for sensitive skin that will soothe some of the symptoms, it may be worth opting for sensitive skin skincare specifically or products that will hydrate, soothe and calm the skin. We'd also recommend patch testing products before you commit to buying the full size. You can order a sensitive skincare sample pack here

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Is natural skincare better?

Sensitive skin can be caused by synthetic chemical sensitivity but there are constituents of natural products, like essential oils which can also cause sensitivity so natural skincare isn't always the right approach. What's important is to narrow down the products that work for you.

At Blomma Beauty, we prefer natural and organic skincare products because they're easily recognisable ingredients that can have a positive effect on the skin but we understand our customers may want to try a blended approach. Below are some of our best natural skincare products for sensitive skin....

Best sensitive skincare brands

Before we delve into individual products, we have a few brands that have been created specifically with sensitive skin types in mind so you know their formulations are backed with personal experiences of a sensitive skin condition. 

The first is Casa Mencarelli which was founded by Lucia Mencarelli after she had a severe reaction to products and discovered she had multiple chemical sensitivity. She set about creating a full facial skincare range that's certified organic, essential oil free and is packed full of anti oxidants to nourish your skin from the outside. This is an ideal range to choose if you want a facial skincare regime specifically for sensitive skin. 

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Then there's Ezape Naturals which is founded by Vanessa Karikari after prescribed creams and medicines weren't effective at treating her children's eczema. She created a chamomile balm and a gentle body butter that would alleviate the dry, itchiness. It worked so well on her children's skin that she decided to share her formulation with the world. This is an ideal range if you're suffering from dry, itchy or irritated skin or if you want natural, handmade body care products for sensitive dry skin. 

We also have introduced Lyonsleaf and Coraline Skincare which are excellent for sensitive skin types. 

What is the best moisturiser for very sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin shouldn't stop you from enjoying a luxurious face cream. Silvan Skincare have formulated 5 different moisturisers for the most common skin types including the Pure Face Cream which is an essential oil free day and night moisturiser. It's a blend of really gentle, easily absorbed oils like apricot and jojoba to keep skin hydrated and soothed, it's also Vegan Society certified making it our best vegan skincare for sensitive skin. 


If the thought of applying a rich cream into your skin would be too painful. Why not try a really gentle lotion like Odylique's Repair Lotion which is so light you can gently pat it into your skin. It's suitable for the face and body and for all ages from 3 months onwards so is an ideal choice for the whole family's skincare needs. There's biodynamic chickweed, anti-inflammatory chamomile and calming calendula to help heal, soothe and hydrate irritated skin. 

What is the best cleanser for sensitive skin?

We have lots of options here, including Casa Mencarelli's Tomato Cleanser which is rich in anti‐oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and carotenes, lycopene and phytosterols as well as other key nutrients that play an important role in promoting healthy, radiant soft skin. 

For more sensitive acne-prone skin that can handle a little essential oil, Lyonsleaf's Beauty Balm is ideal (they also have a fragrance free option which has no essential oils). It's made with organic shea butter, macadamia and jojoba oils to calm, heal and lift away dirt and grime for gentle everyday cleansing. 

Which face oil is best for sensitive skin? 

We have two organic face oils in our range that are essential oil free and formulated specifically for sensitive skin; Coraline Skincare SOS Recovery Face Oil which is a smoothing and plumping blend of anti-inflammatory plant oils; and Silvan Skincare's Extra Gentle Face Oil which is a lighter consistency for fast absorption but still gives tonnes of hydration and softness.

You could also opt for single ingredient oils, rather than a blend like Terre Verdi's Camellia Oil or AD Skin Synergy's Rosehip Oil which both still have impressive skincare benefits. 

Which bar soap is best for sensitive skin?

Bodycare products like soaps and shower gels should be chosen carefully if you have sensitive skin as they cover the largest area of our skin. Coraline Skincare's Nettle and Chamomile soaps are essential oil free and made with an organic base of coconut and sunflower oils before being blended with restorative herbs like nettle, chamomile and yarrow. 

Which make up is best for sensitive skin?

All three of the natural make up brands we stock at Blomma Beauty are ideal for sensitive skin. For flawless coverage using loose mineral pigments, opt for vegan and cruelty free make up brand BareFaced Beauty; shimmery evening looks, it's Bomonde Make Up and for that everyday natural make up look, choose certified organic make up from Odylique

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What's the best haircare for sensitive skin?

There's nothing worse than an itchy scalp. Whether you've got skin sensitivity or a little dandruff, choosing hair care that's going to be gentle on your scalp is always a plus. Two favourites are KIND2's Solid Shampoo Bar - The Sensitive One which is a fragrance free, zero waste bar that matches your scalp's natural pH to keep everything in balance. If a shampoo bar isn't for you, opt for Odylique's Gentle Herb Shampoo which is sulphate free and infused with coconut oil, chamomile and yarrow to soothe an irritated scalp. 

We hope these natural skincare product recommendations for sensitive skin have been useful. If you'd like more personalised advice, why not book a Skincare Switch or order a skincare sample pack to patch test some sensitive skin skincare first. 

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