Wendy & Kelly | Husk and Seed Skincare

Wendy & Kelly | Husk and Seed Skincare

Here at Blomma Beauty we love to bring products and brands to life by telling the stories of how they came to be so we can fully appreciate the love, sweat and passion that goes into each and every batch of bountiful plant-based skincare.

Kelly from Husk and Seed Skincare tells us everything you need to know about their incredible range of natural and vegan skincare that's lovingly hand made in Kent, UK. 


wendy and kelly from husk and seed skincare

What’s your role in the business?


What did you do before you started Husk and Seed Skincare?

I ran a psychotherapy practice for 10 years and my business partner Wendy was a massage therapist, specialising in pregnancy massage. 

What's the inspiration behind your brand?

I have had a passion for natural skincare since childhood, using ingredients I found in the kitchen to make face masks, such as porridge oats, olive oil, avocado, lemons and yogurt.  As an adult, I honed my skills to create more sophisticated formulations and became a qualified skincare formulator. When Wendy was looking for natural products to use on her pregnancy clients we joined forces to design a capsule collection of 100% natural skincare and Husk & Seed was born! We launched Husk & Seed Skincare in 2018, but our brand was a year in the making prior to launch. 

What is the story behind your name?  

The name Husk & Seed represents the outside and the inside. As qualified therapists of both body and mind, we know the benefits that a good skincare ritual can have on your mental health. Husk & Seed skincare offers moments of ‘me time’ where you can take 5 minutes for yourself to unwind and reset.

What is Husk and Seed's mission?

Our brand mission/ethos is to offer customers a skincare ritual that will improve their wellbeing as well as their skin. We encourage customers to use our skincare ritual to bookend their busy days and take some time to de-stress. We believe skincare should be natural, vegan and cruelty-free and we are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved. We also believe that skincare doesn’t need to harm the planet and we are mindful of this through every vein of our business. 

What is your most popular product and why?

I would say it’s the Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm. It’s so popular because it’s such a pleasure to use and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or stripped like lots of cleansers can. Removing it with a hot cloth feels like such a relaxing treat, you actually look forward to washing your face every day!  It’s so nourishing too, so it leaves your skin bouncy and soft.

What’s your best skincare product for dry skin?

Our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm is fantastic for dry/very dry skin. We’ve formulated this balm with premium oils and butters that deeply moisturise the skin including sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, mango butter and babassu butter.  Our balm softens fine lines and wrinkles and feels beautiful to apply. 

What’s your best product for oily skin?

All of our products are suitable for oily skin as they help to rebalance your skin’s natural oils, but the Calm & Soothe face mask is particularly beneficial if you are oily/suffer with breakouts.  It balances skin and reduces redness and sore patches.

What’s your best product for sensitive skin?

We have developed our entire range for people with sensitive skin. Wendy and I are super sensitive and struggled to find skincare that agreed with us, which is one reason why we developed our own range. We don’t use any nasties in our formulations. We exclude the use of alcohols, parabens, silicones or any other synthetic ingredient that can irritate skin. 

What are the product you’d recommend to someone who is trying the brand for the first time?

We always recommend the Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm to anyone new. All good skincare rituals have to start with cleansing.  There’s no point adding beautiful serums and moisturisers to skin that isn’t washed properly!  Our cleansing balm is also a make-up remover and leaves your skin feeling nourished and moisturised so it’s the perfect place to start!

What tips do you have for using your products?

We pride ourselves in being a multi-tasking brand. Our tip would be to ditch separate eye creams and neck creams and use one product in a variety of ways. For example our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm not only moisturises the face, but can be used to tame frizzy hair and soften rough heels and cuticles. We use our day and night oils as our eye and neck products and we love to mix our exfoliator with the cleansing balm for a deeper exfoliating experience! 
I should also point out that a little of our products goes a very long way. We are a waterless brand, which means our balms and oils are highly concentrated. You only need a couple of dots of product for your entire face! 

Do you have any certifications or awards?

We are Leaping Bunny certified and we have won 3 awards for our products including the Health & Wellbeing awards, Janey Loves and the Beauty Shortlist. 

What’s next for Husk and Seed Skincare?

We are just launching our mens range as we know they are loving our products as much as the women! 
We have a couple of new products in the pipeline and we are continuing to develop the wellness side of our brand. We are launching new kits, which include beauty tools that encourage self care and relaxation time. 

How are you standing out from the crowd?

Our unique 100% natural formulations certainly have us standing out from the crowd, but so does the level of customer service that we offer.  We are always transparent and honest about what is in our formulations and where we source our ingredients, which sets us apart from some of the major skincare companies. We show our customers the faces behind the brand, which has built trust and loyalty with our customers. We love the fact that we have one to one relationships with our customers and they know we are always there to answer any questions then may have. 

How do you source your ingredients?

We are very careful about the suppliers we choose. We always choose British suppliers for all aspects of our business to keep our carbon footprint small.  We are Leaping Bunny certified, which involves knowing exactly where your ingredients come from and who the original source is.  We ensure that every ingredient is sustainably sourced and organic where possible. Our carrier oils are always cold pressed and of the highest quality.

How are your products made?

Wendy and I make each and every jar by hand in our apothecary kitchen.  We heat, melt, whisk, blend and pour the ingredients ourselves to create our finished products!

How are you tackling sustainability?

Our business focuses as much on sustainability as it does on effective skincare. We keep our carbon footprint small by making earth friendly decisions such as using local suppliers where possible. Our premium lavender essential oil is sourced from the farm in the next village to where we live!
Our glass jars are infinitely recyclable, but we encourage our customers to repurpose these beautiful jars as vases or storage for herbs and spices for example.
We don’t use external packaging like boxes or cellophane as they immediately end up in the bin and we only ever use cardboard and paper shredding for packing. 

What’s the best thing about having your own brand?

Being able to follow your own path and make your own decisions, whether they’re right or wrong is the best thing for me. 

What’s been your biggest learning? 

Wendy and I learn something new every day and we never stop learning! Our biggest learning though has been patience.  Things always take longer than you expect and you can’t expect too much too soon!

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