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Casa Mencarelli Crema Di Pomodoro Nourishing Tomato Night Cream & Cleanser - Blomma Beauty
tomato night cream and cleanser for sensitive skin
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Tomato Night Cream & Cleanser

Casa Mencarelli
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Casa Mencarelli's range of certified organic skincare includes this dual purpose balm which can be used as both a night cream and cleansing balm. It's ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin and is rich in anti‐oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and carotenes, lycopene and phytosterols as well as other key nutrients that play an important role in promoting healthy, radiant soft skin. 

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Key Benefits: 

  • Tomato seed oil is gentle and easily absorbed into the skin. It contains anti oxidants, fatty acids and essential nutrients to help restore the skin to optimum condition
  • Rice bran oil with omega 6 keeps skin soft, hydrated and soothed
  • Extra virgin olive oil is packed with vitamin E and natural squalene to protect, plump and restore
  • Grapeseed oil is non pore-blocking and is suited to acne-prone skin as well as tightening pores and overall complexion

How to use this organic balm: 

As a night cream: Take a pea-size amount of product, heat it between your palms and massage onto face and neck gently pressing onto the skin with upwards strokes and circular movements. 

As a cleanser: Massage onto face and neck before removing with a warm, damp face cloth like Casa Mencarelli's organic cotton cloths

Read more about how to cleanse and tone your face using natural skincare here

What skin types is this night cream and cleanser suitable for: The Casa Mencarelli range is formulated with sensitive skin types in mind but is suitable for all skin types. Drier skin types will benefit from the anti oxidant rich ingredients whereas oilier skin types will benefit from the light, non pore-blocking oils used in the formulation. 

Who makes my products? Casa Mencarelli's products are initially formulated by founder Lucia who is a qualified skincare formulator and skincare nutritionist. Her products are then made in small batches by an independent manufacturer in Scotland. 

Conscious Credentials:

  • Certified 99% organic by The Soil Association
  • This product is not vegan due to the use of beeswax
  • Cruelty free according to EU regulations
  • Glass packaging and carton are both recyclable. The carton is printed with vegetable ink

Ingredients: Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Organic Tomato Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Rice Bran Oil, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Sunflower Seed Oil.  

Size: 60ml or 15ml