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Freedom Scents

Mood Mist - Radiant

Mood Mist - Radiant

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Juicy sweet, sharp & bright, fresh and sparkly, Radiant home and pillow mist smells of  lemon, bergamot and rhododendron plants blended with cinnamon to bring you honeydew nuances and succulent, appley, spicey aromas that will make you dream of a pale plum dawn with a soft emanating mist, pristine silver dew in the moment before the sunrise where shadows retreat back to woodland edges and the world is filled with the colours of soft illuminated white, dawn purple, plum, thistle purple, smoky pink & grey-green in the shadows, with brass & apple green highlights. 

Radiant is the scent to choose if you want to feel more balanced come morning, to set you off on the right foot with bright, positive, joyous, happy, expansive, hopeful, energetic, revitalising, primary Alpha, secondary Gamma energy. Made with only natural, non-toxic, botanical ingredients. Handmade at our small-batch artisan perfumery & scented with a secret house blend of certified organic & wildcrafted botanicals

  • Designed to enhance your space & mood, each mist has the Hz & plant power to positively influence the energy and vibe of any space
  • Aroma, as a natural way of influencing our state of mind, mood & overall being has been understood from ancient times & continues to be explored today
  • Various studies show us that the psychophysiological effects of botanical fragrance have the natural plant power to alter our mental attitude, shift our mood & positively enhance our well-being!
  • The making of all of the Mood Mists in the In.Fluence range from Freedome Scents incorporates all known information available today on the psychophysiological influence of fragrance to help fill your space with life-enhancing scents.

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Made with love by

Freedom Scents is an Independent family business, run by Jeannine & Chris Lewis & their son Callum. Artists at heart they combined their individual creative strengths to create the Freedom Scents Independent perfumery and the brand around it. Today, Freedom Scents are hand made in small batches for freshness in their countryside studio in the UK. From the founders Jeannine and Chris: “We are inspired by our connection with nature, in particular, the sensory energetic connection we experience through sight, sound, touch & smell & we are deep in an on-going fascination with the world of botanical fragrance & the influence it has on us on every level. Since we met over 30 years ago, as purists, we rarely used cosmetics - since the era of by-products and synthetic chemicals it has always been difficult to find body care products that didn’t have toxic ingredients & we chose instead to make our own wild-gathered herbal infusions for our family. The wonderful natural products that we have today started to appear, but a truly clean, authentically natural perfume was & still is still very difficult to find. Botanical fragrance has become so interwoven with our life, enhancing it on every level & we know we have found something that we can share with the world. Nature of course provides us with our pallet & because we only use plant extracts & essences the ancient ways of blending her exquisite aromas work as well today as they did thousands of years ago. The aromas of the ingredients we use in our formulae work their magic on us & we enjoy every minute of making our perfume, oils & mists. Freedom has become very much a part of our brand & wrapped up in the overall concept is freedom of choice & the freedom to choose natural products that will not harm you, your loved ones or the planet. To us fragrance expresses Freedom, travelling freely through our internal & external landscapes. In the outer world it crosses boundaries & borders, local becomes worldly until it is just us and nature. In our inner world, fragrance is a portal between memories past, present & future, thoughts, feelings, dreams & imagination."


A secret house blended tincture of certified organic & wildcrafted botanicals suspended in a base of distilled water & colloidal silver.

Conscious Credentials

100% natural and made using certified organic ingredients
Vegetarian and vegan friendly
Nut free
Breastfeeding friendly
Not suitable for use during pregnancy

How to use

Spritz liberally or as needed. Patch test in a discreet area on fabrics before use.

Bottled in 100 ml violet glass bottles to protect the volatile ingredients with a locking spray pump designed for optimum dispersion.


Packaged in a glass container with a recyclable plastic pump

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