How to tell if your beauty products are organic

How to tell if your beauty products are organic

At Blomma Beauty we only stock natural and organic beauty products, clearly stating the organic credentials so you know you can find products that meet your needs, but elsewhere it can be difficult to know whether a product is all it appears to be. The term 'organic' is unregulated and so it can be difficult to tell the difference between truly organic products and those that use organic as a mere marketing term with very few organic ingredients actually in the formulation.  

Luckily our brands are passionate about the benefits of using organic beauty ingredients and know the pitfalls of the unregulated term 'organic' which inform their own high quality ingredient ethos...

There are challenges in organic certified skincare, especially to find the right organic certified ingredients, food grade, unrefined, non deodorised, of superb quality, and sourced from local organic trusted suppliers! These are our requirements, making all together a bit difficult. But this is what we are looking for, each time. Consistency and integrity, to ensure maximum results for our lovely customers and meet their expectations!  Casa Mencarelli

We're here to help you feel confident shopping for organic beauty products, read on for our expert advice on how to spot organic beauty products...

Decide what you're happy putting on your skin

Even certified organic brands can contain non organic ingredients like approved preservatives, clays and waxes so whilst many will advise you to only opt for certified organic products, if you want to use only organic ingredients on your skin you might need to look more closely at product labels to verify this is the case. Bear in mind that non organic doesn't necessarily mean bad, clay, for example is a fantastic skincare ingredient. 

Do your research and decide what ingredients you're happy with. This will help inform your purchasing decisions whether a product is certified or not. 

Choose reputable, tried and tested brands 

You can find 100% organic ingredients in many certified and uncertified products and there are many brands out there who state they use organic ingredients but it's only a very small amount. Therefore, it's important to choose a trusted source to buy your products from as well as brands that truly align with your values. 

At Blomma Beauty we test every single product before it hits our site and ensure it meets our strict criteria. You can read more about how we choose our products here and if you're ever unsure and want to find out more from us, send us a message.

Look for certification

Because of the lack of regulation, looking for a certified organic product can help give you reassurance that a product has been independently verified throughout its entire supply chain to be organic. Read our blog about certified organic beauty to find out more about the rules for certified organic beauty products.

There is a difference between products that can be advertised as 'organic' or merely 'made with organic ingredients' so look at the certification, percentages on the product and ingredients list carefully. 

Check the ingredients

It's about more than just blindly buying when you see the certification. Always turn the product over and check the INCI (ingredients) list to check just how many of the ingredients are organic. 

The INCI list will tell you, in order of concentration highest to lowest, all of the ingredients in your product. There will usually be a symbol (often an asterix but check the symbol key underneath the ingredients list) next to the organic ingredients in the formulation. 

We list the organic credentials of our products, whether they're certified or not and you can also click on the ingredients to find out more about them. 

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