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5 Natural Body Oils, 5 Different Uses

Ever thought that all body oils are one and the same?

In this video, Founder Karen takes you through some of our body oils from the January sale which are made using natural and organic ingredients by Silvan Skincare and Ezape Naturals and how each can be used for different wellbeing concerns. We also share with you why you should use a body oil versus a body moisturiser as well as our top 5 tips for using body oils.

Featuring: Silvan Skincare Rejuvenate Body Oil which is best for skin with sun damage, lines, scarring and pigmentation

Silvan Skincare Warm Body Oil which is best for sore muscles and joints or as a post-workout treat Silvan Skincare

Silvan Skincare Soothe Body Oil which can be used in the bath and on the body to help you relax and de-stress at the end of the day

Ezape Naturals Ylang Ylang and Lavender Body Oil which is best for very dry, flaky and cracked skin

Ezape Naturals Hemp Seed Beauty Oil which can be used on the body but also to cleanse, as a scalp treatment and hair oil