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Beeswax & Honey

Beeswax is used by bees to protect their stores of honey in the hive. It is rich in Vitamin A which helps with skin cell regeneration. The wax also contains propolis which has antibacterial properties so it is a good addition to cleansers.

Honey is the nectar that is gathered from flowers and stored in the honeycombs in hives. Like propolis, it has strong antibacterial properties but also is packed full of natural acids, vitamins and beta-carotene which is a pre-cursor to vitamin A. Because of the natural consistency of honey, it makes a great inclusion in face masks because it forms a film on the face to assist in skin hydration. 

Depending on your beauty ethos, beeswax and honey are not considered vegan ingredients. If you suffer from hayfever or a pollen allergy, consult your doctor before using honey based products.