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Wellbeing Event | Perimenopause

Who’s Afraid of Perimenopause?

How to prepare for a gentle peri and improve your hormonal health today

We're delighted to offer the Blomma Beauty community access to this free workshop on perimenopause in collaboration with menopause expert Kate Codrington.

In this one hour workshop you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own, bespoke self-care practices to ease the way for a gentle perimenopause, through clear information, a refreshing view point and a gentle guided meditation.


Kate will also explain:

· What perimenopause actually is

· Why a culture of fear has arisen around perimenopause

· How this fear can damage you and make symptoms worse

· The psychological dynamics of perimenopause

· How perimenopause sits in your life’s journey

· The amazing gifts it can bring

· The challenges to expect

· That you already have the tools to navigate perimenopause

· How you can prepare for this exciting adventure in a nourishing way

· And also help to balance your hormones and feel better now

Perimenopause sounds kind of scary, especially if you hear that it might start sooner than you think. But following the rise of periods as a route into feminine power, the process of perimenopause is now ripe for a make-over so its true beauty can be shown to the world.

What if, instead of an event to be feared, it was a gateway to healing and a new way of being? Instead of a ‘deficiency’ or a ‘failure’ perimenopause was actually a power phase of personal growth which you can use consciously to grow into the kind of person you long to be?

Perimenopause can be a challenging time for some of us, but it can also be a time to heal and finally learn to love ourselves.

As a special bonus Kate will stay online for 15 minutes after the workshop to answer your questions personally and is also offering a free Yoga Nidra meditation for perimenopause and a visual guide to perimenopause for you to keep.

The workshop will be recorded if you can’t make it on Wednesday night, and sent to you after the event. By taking part in this event you agree to join the Blomma Beauty online events mailing list so that we can notify you about this and future free online events.

About Kate Codrington

Kate is a menstrual and menopause mentor, a writer and facilitator and has been a therapist for more than 25 years.

She has trained in Women’s Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and in Menstruality with Alexandra Pope. Now, in partnership with Leora Leboff she runs Woman Kind retreats, facilitating virtual and real-life retreats for groups of menstruating and menopausal women and therapists to build more kindness into their lives.

Her mission is to change the way we regard menopause and show how to relax into our own, inner authority through our cyclical nature and menopause process.