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Boost circulation, gently exfoliate and achieve skin radiance with our collection of natural body brushes. We stock ELYTRUM body brushes which we think are the best because they're handmade using natural materials which are eco friendly and biodegradable. Choose from jute or sisal natural bristle body brush for both body and face which can be used wet or dry to exfoliate your skin. 

What are the benefits of body brushing?

The benefits of body brushing include:

  • boosting collagen production

  • unblocking pores

  • exfoliating without the use of scrubs, creams and chemicals

  • eco-friendly - ELYTRUM natural body brush is fully biodegradable and compostable

  • preventing in-grown hairs

  • improving the appearance of cellulite

  • aids mental wellbeing, clarity and boosts energy levels and mood

  • improves circulation and lymphatic drainage

For more information on the benefits of body brushing, check out our blog here