How we choose our brands

We're passionate about sourcing the highest quality organic beauty products and natural skincare brands from the UK for our natural beauty shop in London and our online skincare store that reflect our honest and transparent values. 

What's important to us

Shared ethos

We love natural and organic beauty and wellbeing brands that have started because of a passion and a purpose. The stories of our brands are just as important as the efficacy of our products so we only partner with brands that truly want to make a difference with the products they create. They're not in it for a quick buck but are genuinely dedicated to creating high quality organic beauty products that have been ethically and sustainably sourced and packaged. 


The quality and provenance of the ingredients in the organic beauty products we stock is really important. Before we launch a brand we'll check every single ingredient in the product to ensure it matches up to our ingredient philosophy and we'll query anything we're unsure of in relation to the provenance, sustainability, ethics and efficacy of the ingredient. Our collection of organic, natural and vegan beauty products are hand picked by our founder Karen and we're not afraid to turn a brand away if it doesn't match up to our ethos. 

Honesty and transparency

We ask our brands to commit that their products align to UK/EU regulations and have been stability and consumer safety tested so that they can legally be sold in our natural beauty stores. This includes no animal testing, either by them or a 3rd party of their products or ingredients. We love championing small handmade brands but we quiz them on their formulating background to know that they are creating safe and effective products for you.

If there's anything we're unsure about, we'll ask and expect our partners to share as much about their products and ethics as possible. We in turn, share this with you on our natural skincare online store and in our stores so you can know the conscious credentials of each product we stock and make informed decisions without being greenwashed. 


We only stock products in our natural skincare store that we'd use ourselves so naturally we do a lot of product testing. Just like the try before you buy service  we offer you, we test all products before they hit our site and London stores so we know they meet our standards and are going to give you great results. 


We're all about conscious consumerism, so whilst we want you to enjoy all of the beautifully packaged natural, organic and vegan beauty products we have on offer, we want to minimise our impact on the planet. We check the provenance and sustainability of our ingredients but also the packaging too. The safety and hygiene of the products is the most important aspect but we love brands that reflect our sustainable values and we share with you the sustainable credentials of the packaging of all of our products. 

Relationships & stories

We want you to know who you're buying from and why so telling the stories and helping you get to know the people behind the brands we stock is just as important as the products themselves. When a brand joins the Blomma family they become our partners and we love collaborating with them through our social media, events and content.

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